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Featured Exercise: Modified Baby Cobra Pose


This pose helps to keep the spine supple and healthy. By arching the spine, blood circulation is increased to that region, toning the nerves along the spinal column. It is also beneficial to the abdominal and digestive organs. It strengthens the adrenal glands, therefore balancing hormone secretions and helps the thyroid gland. Since the pose expands and opens the chest, it encourages deep breathing as well as helping to correct rounded shoulders.This pose can also be helpful for some that are experiencing discomfort from herniated discs. We advise you talk to your physical therapist for guidance.

Lie down on your stomach. Bring both hands near the chest and place palms on the ground with fingers pointed forward and thumbs pointed toward the body. The elbows should be raised towards the ceiling close to the body. Place your forehead on the ground. While inhaling slowly, raise the forehead, keep neck neutral and then slowly raise the shoulders with your chest off the ground. Your elbows will start to straighten, but only go as high as it feels comfortable. Keep your breath smooth and even.

Precautions: Do not do this pose if you are pregnant, have an active ulcer, hernia, or abdominal pain. Also avoid this pose if you have osteoarthritis in your neck or low back (including stenosis) or if you experience pain in the neck and back moving into the pose.

If you have any precautionary conditions or have discomfort with this exercise please talk to the Rebalance team for modifications and instructions.

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