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Introduction to Pelvic Stability

Introduction to Pelvic Stability

Test / Retest

Test / Retest is a set of special tests that let you self-evaluate how you are progressing with the exercises. You will want to do each of these tests before starting the exercise portion of this solution and each subsequent week to monitor your progress. Below is a printable form to help you document your progress with these tests.

Test / Restest Transverse Abdominis (TrA)

Test / Retest Wiper Test

Test / Retest Hip Telescoping

Test / Retest Active Straight Leg Raise (ASLR)


Handout for Schedule of Exercises & Progressions

Schedule – Pelvic Stability

Stability Program

In this section, you will find the exercises for improving your strength and stability. These exercises have been carefully chosen to help improve posture and stability.

Props Used During Stability Exercises

Progression of the Pelvic Pain Solution – Introduction

Refresher-Transverse Abdominis & The Abdominal Canister

Refresher-Putting Together Diaphragm, Transverse Abdominals, & Pelvic Floor (the Inner Core/Shield)

Pelvic Stability- How to Progress

Putting Together The Inner Core / Shield With Movement

****you will do this with all exercises moving forward even if I do not specifically say so in each video.

Heel Slides


Fall Outs

The Bridge Introduction

Bridge Progression #1

Bridge Progression #2- Bridge with Heel Lifts

Bridge Progression #3- Bridge with unilateral heel lift

Bridge Progression #4- Bridge with 25-50% Weight Shift

Bridge Progression #5- Bridge with 50-100% Weight Shift

Bridge Progression #6- Bridge with Heel Slide

Leg Raise Introduction- Leg Raise with Knee Bent

Leg Raises Progression #2- Toe and Knee Touch

Leg Raises Progression #3- Straight Side Leg Raises

Leg Raises Progression #4- Leg Raise with Toe Dive

Quadruped / Tabletop Introduction & Breath Pelvic Drop

Quadruped / Tabletop Progression #2- QP with Knee and Foot Lift

Quadruped / Tabletop Progression #3- QP with foot slide

Quadruped / Tabletop Progression #4- QP with leg lift

Quadruped / Tabletop Progression #5 – QP on elbows all variations

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Calf Stretch

Dynamic Hamstring Stretch

Dynamic Gluteal Stretch

Dynamic Hip Flexor Stretch

Dynamic Adductor Stretch

Stability Conclusion

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