It’s that time of year again! Every year, our clients ask us what WE are using at home to help stay healthy. Here what the team at Rebalance is giving this year.

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Hina: Revel Food Grinder

I love this little guy.  My mother bought me this mini food grinder because she uses it for Indian cooking. However, I use it for almost everything, from chopping garlic to chopping nuts to grinding up baby food and pureeing small amounts of fruits.  It is a major time saver and it also saves your hands, making it great for those who might have arthritis, elbow tendonitis or shoulder issues since it prevents repetitive injuries from chopping!

Link to Revel Food Grinder:

Elayne: Theracane

This is one of my favorite self-massage and release tools. Everyone can benefit. I especially like to use mine on my upper traps and peri-scapular (between shoulder blades) area. It looks like a big cane with knobs on the end/middle. You can just sink those knobs down into the muscles and hold it there or massage around a little. There are a bunch of different ones out there, but I like the original because it’s very sturdy.

Link to Theracane:

Stephanie: Longevity Kitchen by Rebecca Katz

We all get things that we can’t really use around the holidays, but I think this cookbook is a gret gift that people can use and be conscious about their health at the same time. The author is Rebecca Katz, who has also written Cancer Fighting Kitchen and The Healthy Mind.

I like Rebecca’s cookbooks because she balances taste and nutrition. In the beginning of each book, she reviews the nutritional properties of food as the focus of the book. The recipes are not just good for you, but they help you to enjoy eating healthy food.

In the book, Rebecca looks at different systems in the body. She then pairs these systems to food to show how we eat can help each of their functions. This cookbook addresses cardiovascular, nerve, hormone, bone, muscle or immunity issues, among others. It takes foods from A to Z and breaks them down in a “pharmacy” fashion to help you understand their healing properties. At the same time, Katz tries to help you identify your culinary likes and how to use what you like to overcome any resistance you have to eating well.

Link to Longevity Kitchen:

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Happy holidays from everyone at Rebalance!

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