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13 Awesome PT & Fitness Gift Ideas for the Holidays


The holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to get started on your holiday shopping. You might be on the market for the latest fitness gadgets for your exercise-obsessed friends and family. Or you may be browsing for holiday deals on physical therapy equipment you always considered getting for yourself. Either way, we put together a list of 13 awesome PT & fitness gift ideas to put on your holiday shopping list. Good physical fitness involves practicing proper nutrition, moderate-vigorous exercise, and sufficient rest. We cover products that are helpful for exercising, muscle recovery, and ergonomics. They are also highly reviewed, reasonably priced, and personally recommended based on our own patients’ experience and our knowledge on fitness and exercise.


Exercise Equipment:
Yoga mats: Yoga mats are important for providing a comfortable and safe workout environment by preventing your hands or feet from slipping during exercising. They come in different sizes, materials, cushion, and patterns. This is a great gift for yoga enthusiasts or ones who could benefit from a comfortable surface for their floor exercises.

Suggested Product: Gaiam Yoga Mat (6 mm thickness):

Resistance bands: Like yoga mats, there are numerous types of resistance bands to suit everyone’s personal preferences or exercise goals. Resistance bands are great gifts for those who favor portable and lightweight exercise equipment. We have seen it all from the elastic bands to the trendy thick fabric bands. However, we like the Crossover Symmetry Hip & Core System resistance band for its comfort and durable material that target the deep core and hip stabilizers. Plus, they include an online workout program and training guide with your purchase!

Suggested Product: Crossover symmetry Hip & Core System:

Mini Trampoline: Hear us out–you can actually get a solid sweat while also having a blast jumping on a mini trampoline! Many physical therapy clinics have one in their gyms because it’s a great tool in higher level and athletic training. Jumping not only helps with cardiovascular health, but it works on your coordination, balance, and core and lower leg strength. This is a great gift idea for those who want fun and portable fitness equipment.

Suggested Product: BCAN 40/48″ Foldable Mini Trampoline:

Under-the-desk Treadmill: During the pandemic, we sometimes get asked by patients about under-the-desk treadmills for their work-from-home set up. This is a great gift for you or anyone you know who is in need of a sitting break from long hours at their desk. It’s also suitable if you need a smaller treadmill for indoor walking or light running that won’t take up too much space in your house.

Suggested Product: GOYOUTH 2 in 1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill:


Myofascial Release:

Foam Roller: Foam rollers are beneficial for reducing muscle tension, improving mobility and flexibility, and aiding in muscle recovery. We often get asked by patients what type of foam roller they should get. Unfortunately, there is no perfect foam roller that meets everyone’s needs. They come in all sizes, shapes, and textures– you just need to find one that feels right for you. We keep it simple with the firm and smooth rollers. Get this as a gift for someone in need of deep tissue massaging they can do at home themselves.

Suggested Product: LuxFit Foam Roller:

Muscle Roller Stick: Another tool that is good for muscle recovery is a muscle roller stick. Many runners and other athletes often use this to compress and stretch muscle. The nice thing about a roller stick is that you can have better grip and positioning of the tool to target an individual muscle compared to a foam roller. This is a great gift idea for those who like lightweight and transportable myofascial release tools.

Suggested Product: The Stick

Targeted Release Tool: A popular tool out there that is used to release your psoas (fancy name for hip flexors) is called the Pso-Rite. Why do we need to release our hip flexors? Typically, they’re tight in many people who sit for prolonged periods of time, which overtime can lead to muscle imbalances and pain. This product seems to be a helpful alternative for those who might not be able to release their hip flexors well enough with traditional myofascial release balls or their hands. Some of our patients claimed to feel its deep effect and would recommend it to other people.

Suggested Product: Pso-Rite:

Massage Gun: Massage guns have been a trending tool used in both physical therapy and home settings. Some people favor the deep percussive pressure for reducing muscle tension. Usually Amazon or department stores will carry numerous brands of massage guns at various price points. This is a great gift idea for those who enjoy things like massage chairs or as an effortless treat for yourself.

Suggested Product: Theragun: ecovery-devices#prefn1=productTypeMasterPLP&prefv1=theragu &start=1


Fitness Tracking:
Fitness Planner: Fitness planners can be helpful for tracking exercise and nutritionprogress as well as goal-setting. Some planners are organized and simple, and others are more detailed. This is a great gift idea for those who want to start and commit to an exercise routine. It’s a good start for any New Year’s Resolution!

Suggested Product:

Fitness Watch: If you want to track your daily movements digitally, a fitness watch may be the best device for that. They can help you increase your steps and keep tabs on your sleep quality and heart rate. Many watches connect to an app on your phone so you can see your progress overtime. This is a great gift idea for those wanting to track important health metrics.

Suggested Product: Fitbit 5:



Lumbar Support: To our neck and low back pain people: this one’s for you. As more people sit at their desk for work and school, postural changes in the spine can occur over time from prolonged positioning, resulting in pain and muscle tightness. A lumbar support cushion can help realign your spine from slouching, which tends to lead to straining of the lower back and neck muscles. This is a great gift for anyone you know (or yourself) who sits at a desk for long hours.

Suggested Product: OPTP McKenzie Lumbar Roll:

Seat Cushion: On the topic of prolonged sitting, this can increase pressure on your pelvis overtime, which can lead to tailbone, sacroiliac joint, and hip pain from tightened muscles. Again, this makes a great gift for those who could use nice relief for their tush.

Suggested Product: Everlasting Comfort Office Chair Seat Cushion Pillow:

Pregnancy Support Belt: This may not be a regular office use product, but it goes along with the discussion on posture, alignment, and support. Pregnancy support belts compress and support the sacroiliac joints, which during pregnancy can be inflamed and unstable. It helps improve core stability and allows people to achieve more functional activity. This is a great gift for expecting moms-to-be that you may know of (or are yourself!).

Suggested Product: SEROLA® Sacroiliac Belt:

Written by Dr. Kimberly Le, PT, DPT

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