3 Ways to Safely Lift Your Baby and Prevent Low Back Pain

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Many new moms experience low back pain postpartum. Low back pain can either be caused or exacerbated by the way you pick up your baby. Here are three different positions you can use to safely pick up your baby from the floor and prevent low back pain.

Lifting Your Baby Up From a Standing Position

Many of you will find you’re really stiff in your hip joints, which makes it difficult to get all the way onto the ground. 

The common mistake that occurs when people pick their baby up from the ground is that they bend down with their feet together and spine rounded. This means that when you lift the baby up, you’re using your back musculature, ligaments and joints, which puts a lot of strain onto your low back over time. 

A better position is to spread your feet apart and stick your butt back as you bend forward. This allows you to fold back through the hips and initiate the movement through your buttocks. This helps your back stay straight and the load is carried into your hip muscles rather than your back muscles.

Lifting Your Baby from a Kneeling Position

Over time, you might be able to get down on the ground in a kneeling position. The best position to pick your baby up from kneeling is to get both feet into a squat position. You can have the feet flat or be on the balls of your feet.

From there, bring your baby close to you and try to press your feet away from each other and THEN lift up. This keeps your body more toward the midline and your center of gravity more in line with your body. Spreading your feet apart also helps you use your hip stabilizers in a more effective way. 

Lifting Your Baby from a Half-Kneeling Position

You can also lift your baby from a half kneeling position. Make sure the foot of your bent knee leg is far enough forward under your knee. Your hips should be relatively square.

Bring the baby close to you and press your feet away from each other to lift your knee and stand. This helps you keep your center of gravity as you stand up. 

Struggling with Low Back Pain Postpartum?

Physical therapy might be able to help you find relief from your postpartum low back pain. Click here to schedule a complementary phone consultation to discuss your symptoms with one of our therapists. 

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