I have always had issues with plantar fasciitis. I tried the night splints, stretching, icing, physical therapy, you name it, but no long term relief of my pain. I finally decided I needed to end this once and for all. A friend of mine was seeing Hina and suggested that I see her for a consult. Our first visit together was already informative. Hina explained that my ankle joints were not moving as well as they could and hence why my stretching may not be producing the results that I would have hoped years of stretching would have accomplished. She also found several trigger points and fascial tightness and hip imbalances that were adding to the problem. After just a few weeks of therapy with Hina and her colleagues, I was noticing improvements in my heel and arch pain especially in the mornings. Our sessions were always focused on working my soft tissue and joints and then followed up by exercises and stretches for me to do at home to complement what she was doing in the clinic. It was amazing that doing previous physical therapy 3 times per week for 1 hour at a time was less effective then 1 visit per week with Hina. I spent so much time and money (and time really is money) going the traditional therapy route. I wish I would have known about this practice earlier. I was also noticing a significant improvement in my overall calf flexibility. Over several months of seeing Hina, I took my first jog in about 5 years! That was amazing. I had given up on the fact that I would ever really jog again. I can’t thank Rebalance enough and would recommend this holistic manual therapy hands down! No pun intended.


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